Stop The Facebook Cyber Bully

Stop The Facebook Cyber Bully – Kid Internet Safety

Step Facebook Cyber Bully - Kid Internet Safety

Facebook has apparently started to turn the tables on the cyber bully. Even though I suspect Nydia Han’s reported numbers should in fact be much higher, a recent report indicated that 1 million kids were victims of cyber bullying.

Facebook & Time Warner have recently teamed up and started a campaign called “Stop Bullying: Speak Up.”  The combined force of these companies plan to release a new application that will broadcast a user’s pledge to stop the cyber bully. In my opinion this is a step in the right direction. It’s a known fact that schools which have offline bully pledges (my son’s school has one) helps towards managing and reducing the bullying.

So, the combination of a pledge, the monitoring your kid on the Internet, and an awareness should help stop the cyber bully in their tracks.

Nydia Han from ABC show you what she has found out. Please watch this two and a half minutes video (you may have to watch a 15 second advertisement, plus Nydia’s little blooper, but it’s well worth it).


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One Response to “Stop The Facebook Cyber Bully”

  • garyh on August 10, 2011

    I wanted to explore this initiative further to understand if this is just another one of those tea party announcements & found out the following:

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper will host a segment that will discuss bullying issues facing kids today. There will also be discussions with ‘safety experts’ to help keep adults informed & how to cope with cyber bullying issues. The program is set to air on CNN in October, as part of Bullying Prevention Month.

    Facebook’s Social Media Pledge will be launched as “Stop Bullying: Speak Up” Social Pledge app. as I previously mentioned. That will allow kids, parents and teachers to make the stop bullying pledge and commitment. You will be able to invite your Facebook friends to make the pledge too. The application will be launched just before the 2011 back-to-school season.

    The Cartoon Network’s bullying prevention platform will be integrated with Facebook’s Family Safety Center.

    In the fall 2011 3 Time Inc. publications brands and their websites will feature content that focuses on bullying issues and the programs and measures that are being taken to stop the bully. The 3 publications have a combined reach of 91 million monthly readers.

    So, as a summary, it seems like this announcement does have teach & I’ll be following it closely.